Author: Ian Osaka

Sending Flowers to Japan

If you have friends or family who live in Japan it is likely that one day you will want (or need!) to send flowers. Just calling up a florist in Japan is not realistic if you don’t speak Japanese, and even if you do speak Japanese it can be a problem to arrange payment..

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Dealing with Hayfever and other Pollen Allergies in Japan

Spring is here and Japan is finally warming up. While this is a very welcome change from the cold months we just experienced it does mean the arrival of a lot of discomfort for anyone with pollen allergies. Thankfully there are a number of second generation non-drowsy antihistamines available in Japan, even OTC…

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OTC Cold & Cough Medicine in Japan

February in Japan, the peak of cold, cough, and flu season. In combination with last month’s OTC Pain Medicine in Japan post this should help you find medicines to make your time sick a little less miserable. Please note,...

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