If you have friends or family who live in Japan it is likely that one day you will want (or need!) to send flowers. Just calling up a florist in Japan is not realistic if you don’t speak Japanese, and even if you do speak Japanese it can be a problem to arrange payment. Thankfully there are some options available!

Before selecting flowers it is important to understand that in Japan certain types of arrangements are used to mark specific events. You do not want to send a funeral arrangement to someone’s wedding or business opening! When checking websites and selecting flowers please pay close attention to any events that are mentioned together with the arrangements you see. These are often not “suggestions” but are actually telling you what type of event these flowers are suitable for.


The original international flower network, it’s not surprising to find that you can use FTD to send flowers to Japan. They offer 19 different bouquets at the time of this writing and have both general purpose arrangements as well as some arrangements for specific events.


1-800-Flowers has a bigger selection listed on their website, about 36 different items in total. They offer both flower arrangements and gift baskets so there is a wider selection of options to choose from. Despite the larger selection there are some styles only available on FTD so I suggest checking both websites before making a decision.

Tokyo Flora

For an even bigger selection you might want to look at Tokyo Flora. They seem to be connected into the Japanese florist network and offer a wide variety of arrangements for specific events and occasions. They do tend to be more expensive than either of the previously mentioned options but they take PayPal and you may find the bigger selection to be worth the cost.

Your Local Florist

Most local florists are connected into one or more of the international florist networks. You may find that by visiting your local florist you will be able to choose from a bigger selection than you find online. As an added benefit your local florist will get a percentage of your purchase price so you can support a local business while sending flowers internationally!